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Initial Conversation 

A conversation about ways that I can enhance your performance and wellbeing. This is usually done over the phone or online however if you happen to be close by it is always nice to meet in person.

Surf Point

Intake Assessments 

A formal intake interview approximately 50 minutes long. We will discuss in further detail your sporting history, current position and future goals. I will write up an assessment including recommendations moving forward.

Couple on a Run

One to One COnsulatations

These sessions are based on your Intake Assessment and needs analysis. Sessions and interventions will be tailored to best serve your performance and wellbeing needs. Each session is approximately 50 minutes long and can be delivered in person (depending on location), online or over the phone.

Boxing Session

Group Workshops 

These workshops are designed for groups or teams. Examples of topics include, Thriving Under Pressure, Resilience, Visualisation, Reflection, Team Identity and Cohesion. Sessions can be delivered in person or online. Please get in contact to discuss performance and wellbeing needs of the group and talk through topics.

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